Chris Terepin

bass viol

Chris studied academic music at Magdalen College Oxford, where he was introduced to the viol by his tutor, Prof Laurence Dreyfus. After focusing on the cello for two years at the Royal Northern College of Music, he was lent a tenor viol and rapidly became addicted to the instrument's fascinating resonances and distinctive character. Having originally started on treble viol, he has gradually migrated down the sizes, and plays bass in Three Parts Vied - though the instrument's large range means that this role is not always confined to bass lines!

An experienced chamber musician, Chris has been the cellist of the Florian Quartet since 2012, and also plays with the house concert specialists Echo Chamber and early music group K'antu Ensemble. He combines his performing activities with part-time PhD research at King's College London, where his project deals with convention in string quartet playing through the lens of early recordings (mostly pre-1930).